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Based on the University Institute for Advanced Studies (IUSS) model, the Master in "Media Science and Technology" is organized on an annual basis subdivided into three intensive parts.
During the first and second part students must attend 14 classes (6 basic and 8 specialized classes). At the beginning of the third part students will be seconded to a Company where they will work as interns on a project.

Each class consists of 45 hours, subdivided into 30 lecture hours and 15 hours for practical exercises, for a total of 540 lecture hours and 180 practice hours.
Students are required to attend courses for 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, for a total period of 24 teaching weeks. At the end of each course students must pass a test.

At the end of the secondment a Master's diploma is awarded after an oral discussion of the work project before an examining panel.

Formative contents

The School balances between general and specialized learning. Every student draws up a personal study plan, selecting courses according to their interests. Three courses are given each term, with each student selecting two of them and attending 14 out of 17 courses.

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